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New FCC chair picks "media reformer" as press secretary

Posted on July 6 2009 6:11 am
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Julius Genachowski, the new Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), has chosen Jen Howard to serve as his spokesperson and liaison with the press.

For the past three years, Howard has worked at Free Press, a tax-exempt “media reform” organization whose chief objective is to move the media ever-farther to the political left. Free Press was co-founded in December 2002 by radical Professor Robert McChesney (former co-editor of the Marxist journal Monthly Review);  John Nichols, Washington correspondent for The Nation magazine (which has long provided a media platform for far-leftists and Marxists); and campaign finance-reform advocate Josh Silver.

The work of Free Press has been praised by the likes of the radical professor and Marxist, Howard Zinn. Speakers at Free Press conferences have included such luminaries as Al Franken (the new U.S. Senator who detests conservatives); Jane Fonda (who openly sided with America’s communist enemy during the Vietnam War); Bill Moyers (the television personality who has long promoted leftwing groups and causes); and Medea Benjamin (the pro-Castro antiwar activist who founded Code Pink: Women for Peace).

“Of special concern to talk radio,” explains Randall Bloomquist at Talk Frontier in his post about the Howard appointment, is that “Free Press is a big proponent of diversity of media ownership and ‘inclusiveness’ in broadcast news and content.”

Given her background, it’s likely that Jen Howard is sympathetic to plans aimed at censoring conservative talk radio, such as “localism” (which has been called President Obama‘s “New Fairness Doctrine”).

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