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CNN: Can't (Under)Stand Palin

Posted on July 3 2009 10:55 pm
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It was interesing to see how CNN’s Anderson Cooper handled the Palin announcement. He assembled a panel consisting of David (I’m embarrassed by Republicans) Gergen, Candy (liberal stalwart) Crowley and Ed Rollins who just happens to be Mike Huckabee’s chief strategist — Huckabee is already Palin’s chief potential presidential rival for the Republican base. Rollins thought her resignation made her a “kook.” Gergen described her as a quitter. Crowley thought she was a timorous female who couldn’t take the heat. And Cooper kept wondering how she could be a leader doing what she did.

Well, she explained a piece of it with a basketball analogy. A point guard draws the fire and dishes off to the open man (in this case her lieutenant governor). Anderson’s response: “I don’t know anything about sports” (and hence haven’t the foggiest idea of what she was talking about.

Let me say right here, that I can’t say where Palin is going with this. Obviously in politics all the cards are never put on the table. But let’s say she’s stepping down so she can devote herself full time to leading a political movement against tsunami of socialist schemes that the Obama team is cooking up along with the appeasement strategies it is pursuing towards our many international foes. The basketball metaphor works for Alaska. With her gone, Alaska can focus on its own problems and the ones the vast leftwing conspiracy has created for her. What Gergen and Cooper and Crowley don’t understand, and what Rollins is trying to derail is this: Palin is an electrifying national figure who can rouse the passions of the Republican base as no other can, and most pointedly (for Rollins) not Huckabee.

I don’t know what Palin has in mind, but if she starts her presidential run now, and raises money for Republican candidates in the 2010 cycle, in which victory is crucial for stopping the Obama-Pelosi-Frank juggernaut, she can very well be the Republican standard-bearer in 2012,

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