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Poor Keith Olbermann Knows Nothing about Missile Defense … or Anything Else

Posted on July 3 2009 10:08 am
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Poor Keith Olbermann. He’s so tormented by his own blind, reflexive hatred, that he literally can’t see the world as it is. Consider his perspective on missile defense, for instance—a highly relevant topic, in light of the fact that North Korea provocatively test-fired four missiles off its east coast Thursday and is pledging to launch more in the very near future.

But Keith Olbermann dismisses missile defense as a foolish endeavor, a “system into which we have spent billions [of dollars but] is still nothing more” than a fantasy, and an ill-advised fantasy, at that. He even uses the derisive term “Star Wars” to drive home the point that it’s all just science fiction—worthy of a movie, perhaps, but not of national defense policy. In a recent exchange with MSNBC political analyst Lawrence O’Donnell (a self-described “European socialist” whose raging tirades against Republicans are well-documented), Olbermann emphatically agreed with his guest’s assertion that “whenever we test [missile defense], it doesn‘t work.”

Poor Keith Olbermann. He hasn’t yet heard that since December 2002, the U.S. military has had a 97-percent testing success record (37 hits in 38 attempts) with its ground-based, sea-based, and air-based defensive systems. And just last year, the system paid dividends of a most practical nature—by destroying a malfunctioning satellite in space and thereby preventing it from crashing down dangerously to earth.

Poor Keith Olbermann probably brayed yesterday when Air Force General Victor Renuart, the commander of the U.S. Northern Command, told reporters what would happen if a North Korean missile were to threaten U.S. territory:

The nation has a very, very credible ballistic-missile defense capability. Our ground-based interceptors in Alaska and California, I’m very comfortable, give me a capability that if we really are threatened by a long-range ICBM, that I’ve got high confidence that I could interdict that flight before it caused huge damage to any U.S. territory.

Most Americans would be happy to hear such an assessment. But not poor Keith Olbermann. He has no choice but to disparage the very concept of missile defense, no matter how much progress is made toward perfecting the technology. After all, missile defense was first proposed by Ronald Reagan. And Olbermann hated Reagan, therefore he is obliged to oppose missile defense. Missile defense was also supported by President Bush, and Olbermann hated President Bush, therefore he is obliged to oppose missile defense. And of course, Barack Obama has called for cuts in the funding of missile defense. Olbermann worships Barack Obama, therefore he is obliged to oppose missile defense.

Poor Keith Olbermann. He’s really a very pitiable fellow.

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