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Olbermann's clone on GOP hypocrisy

Posted on July 2 2009 2:40 pm
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Keith Olberman was off last night so David Schuster attempted an impersonation. In a segment called “Let’s GOP Crazy” Schuster and his guest portrayed the Republican Party as hypocritical, insinuated it was racist and advised it to move left. The guest was the communication strategist for John Edwards. Need we say more? I was sorry that Olbermann took the day off because yesterday Obama launched a new offensive in Afghanistan. It’s his war now, and so is Iraq where he is committed to an indefinite stay or “military occupation,” as the left has been fond of saying.  Even the Washington Post recognizes this. So obviously the GOP would be foolish to move left on the war and repeat the lies of the Democrats including the (hypocritical?) Obama saying that Iraq is an unnecessary and illegal occupation which should be folded up immediately — thought some deranged elements in the GOP grouped around Ron Paul will undoubtedly be doing just that.  Personally I think that Republicans would be better advised to start counting the billions — or is it trillions? you never know these days — of new taxes that Obama is imposing on the 95% of Americans he promised he woud never tax. And I’m not sure about this, perhaps Schuster will enlighten me, but is this hypocrisy or just plain lying?

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