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More Money Wasted on Criminal Illegal Aliens

Posted on June 25 2009 11:10 pm
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One evening back in July 2008, a woman named Amanda Kiefer had the misfortune to run into a violent illegal alien on a San Francisco street. Alexander Izaguirre, a Honduran national who had snuck across America’s southern border the previous year, was on a “purse-snatching spree“ when he spotted and attacked Kiefer. Not content to just relieve her of her purse, Izaguirre then hopped into an SUV driven by his accomplice and goaded the driver to run Kiefer over, fracturing her skull in the process. Kiefer later told police that Izaguirre and the driver “were both laughing” as they drove away.

The incident was barely noted in the press; that is, until the Los Angeles Times mentioned Tuesday that there was more to the story. Much more.

What came out was the disclosure that Izaguirre was enrolled in a taxpayer-funded job-training program whose sole purpose is to expunge the criminal records of illegal immigrants so that they can secure employment — something the law explicitly forbids them to do. Izaguirre was in the program because of a one-man crime spree he began shortly after jumping the border fence. He would subsequently be arrested twice for drug offenses and purse snatching, and then again for attempting to sell drugs to an undercover officer. It was this last crime which landed him in the Back on Track program, just four months prior to his vicious attack on Kiefer.

This too, would have barely made a blip on the mainstream media’s radar screen, if not for the fact that the program has supporters in high places. Very high places. Senator Diane Feinstein, for one, and Nancy Pelosi, the sanctimonius Speaker of the House, are both strong backers of Back on Track. Pelosi, for her part, has touted the program as a huge success and secured $400,000 in additional funding for it by means of an earmark in the 2009 federal omnibus spending plan.

Does the program even work, or is it just another obscenely wasteful leftist boondoggle? See for yourself — here are the stats:

  • 212 Enrollees in Back on Track
  • 113 Graduates
  • 99 People who failed
  • 4 Years since inception
  • $5,000 Cost per enrollee
  • 10 Percent of graduates have committed crimes again

Kiefer, understandably, is not buying any of this and wants some answers from officials. “If they’ve committed crimes and they’re not citizens, then why are they here?” she wonders. “Why haven’t they been deported?”

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