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Olbermann Misses Both the Forest and the Trees

Posted on June 10 2009 1:08 am
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Anyone tuning in to watch Keith Olbermann’s Countdown program last night looking for a serious analysis of Monday’s annual GOP Fundraiser, would have gained only a firm understanding as to why his show’s ratings are in freefall.

Olbermann, the sportscaster-turned ad-hominem attack master, could do no better than to focus on “a couple of inconsistencies” in the speech given by former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich. Olbermann summed up his chief complaint about Gingrich’s speech as follows:

“He [Gingrich] started off talking about making the Republican Party inclusive, and then he ripped Sonia Sotomayor [the Supreme Court nominee who has made a number of racist public statements], Joe Biden [the VP whose political career has been tarnished repeatedly by lies, plagiarism, and foolish statements], President Obama [who is busy transforming America into a nation where the government literally owns the private sector], and the people who voted for Obama and Biden.”

Last anyone checked, none of these individuals are Republicans; the whole segment was a non-sequitur.

There were a few things that Olbermann did not talk about, however. He never mentioned that the fundraiser was a huge success, raising almost $15 million. He never mentioned that more than 2,000 people attended, including 30 of the Senate’s 40 Republicans and 150 of the House’s 178 Republicans. And he said nothing about the portion of Gingrich’s speech that clearly spelled out the Republican Party’s firm embrace of inclusion:

“[The] Republican Party has a great a moral challenge as it had in 1858 when Lincoln as an unknown lawyer was campaigning in Illinois. It has as great a challenge as it had in 1976 when Ronald Reagan, having lost the nomination, was invited by President Ford to come down and said, ‘We may be fewer than we have been, but we have the moral obligation to reach out to every American, to recruit every person, to make our case for America’s future.'”

Olbermann also failed to mention actor John Voight, whose passionate opening speech resonated with the audience. Said Voight: “Obama as a candidate portrayed himself as a moderate but turned out to be wildly radical,” and “Everything Obama has recommended has turned out to be disastrous.”

Voight then singled out, as people who are contributing to “the downfall of the country,” such luminaries as: Nancy Pelosi, the most pathetic of all the pathetic liars in Congress; the hugely unpopular Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid; the scandal-ridden Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd; the  billionaire George Soros, who showers money upon far-left causes; and senior White House aide David Axelrod. Voight called on Republicans to rally to “bring an end to this false prophet, Obama.”

Olbermann mentioned none of this. Then again, why would he?

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