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Pelosi's Delusions

Posted on June 8 2009 9:58 am
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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, whose last remaining shred of credibility evaporated after she accused the CIA of misleading her about the Agency’s use of waterboarding, said Saturday that Republicans’ ongoing criticism of her is driven by nothing more than an ugly blend of jealousy and political desperation: “Our [Democrats’] success in the Congress is driving the Republicans to distraction, and this is what that’s all about – a distraction from the creation of jobs, which is our responsibility, education of our children, preservation of our planet.”

Indeed. Let’s have a quick look at one of the congressional “responsibilities” that Pelosi identified: the creation of jobs. With Friday’s news that the unemployment rate had jumped to 9.4%, the highest monthly reading since September 1983, Speaker Pelosi doesn’t have much to be proud of here. A report by the Obama transition team in early January warned that without a large stimulus plan, unemployment would go above 9%. Well, Obama and Congress passed a huge, $787 billion stimulus plan, and the end result has been the nationalization of the auto industry, the collapse of additional financial institutions, and the shattering of the 9% unemployment ceiling cited in the report. In fact, Rep. Dave Camp (R - Michigan), the senior Republican on the House Ways and Means Committee, declared the stimulus plan a failure, with House Minority Leader John Boehner (R – Ohio) adding that: “Washington is hanging middle-class Americans out to dry.”

And yet, Pelosi is undeterred. “I feel this [criticism] principally comes from those who do not agree with the new direction we’re going to take the country, the change the American people asked for, to try to distract the public and the focus that you have to have,” she said, in tortured syntax. “It is an arena that I have chosen to be in and I understand what that is, but it will not take us off our course of action.”

In other words, stay the course, no matter how off-course you are. With hubris like this, is it any wonder that Pelosi is now less popular than Dick Cheney?

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