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New York Times Admits It Killed Potential Game-Changing Obama/ACORN Story

Posted on May 19 2009 8:28 am
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The New York Times, which clearly believes that stories reflecting badly on Democrats do not fall under the heading of “news that’s fit to print,” has admitted that just before last Election Day it killed a politically sensitive news story involving allegations that the Obama campaign had illegally coordinated on fundraising projects with the radical left-wing vote-fraud machine, ACORN.

The admission on Sunday, which came seven months after a staff reporter had found out about the possibly illegal sharing of donor information between the Obama campaign and ACORN, took the form of a snarky column from Clark Hoyt, the Old Gray Lady’s “public editor.”  

Hoyt wrote in the Sunday paper:

On March 17, a Republican lawyer, quoting a confidential source for a Times reporter, testified to Congress that the newspaper killed a story last fall because it would have been “a game-changer” in the presidential election.

The charge…reverberating around the conservative blogosphere, is about the most damning allegation that can be made against a news organization. If true, it would mean that Times editors, whose job is to report the facts without fear or favor, were so lacking in integrity that they withheld an important story in order to influence the election.

I have spent several weeks looking into this issue – interviewing and e-mailing those involved, reading transcripts, looking at campaign finance records and conferring with legal experts. In a nutshell, I think the charge is nonsense.

For a more detailed discussion of the scandal and its pertinent facts, click here.

The Times, of course, has published a number of more poorly substantiated damaging stories about conservatives and Republicans.

We can only wonder what the Times would have done if it had gained information that John McCain’s campaign had violated the law.

Oh wait, we do know.

The Times did publish a blog item about the DNC’s allegation that McCain’s campaign had illegally procured a loan, and the paper was only too willing to imply in a Feb. 21, 2008 story that McCain was having a romantic affair with a female lobbyist three decades his junior. The charge, which was based on information provided by anonymous sources supposedly working for McCain, ultimately proved groundless and the newspaper retracted it a year later. The NYT disingenuously claims that it had never intended to suggest that the lobbyist “had engaged in a romantic affair with Senator McCain.”

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