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Obama Flip-Flop on Detainee Photos Enrages ACLU and Olbermann

Posted on May 14 2009 12:11 pm
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Despite the protestations of the terrorist-loving pseudo “rights” group, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), President Barack Obama (who generally considers the public airing of America’s dirty laundry to be a gesture of diplomatic goodwill) has wisely decided not to release additional photos of the U.S. military’s alleged mistreatment of terrorist detainees. This decision, which represents an about-face from Obama’s previously stated intentions, has infuriated the ACLU and has rendered MSNBC’s comic buffoon news analyst, Keith Olbermann, virtually apoplectic over the perceived Obama betrayal.

“Two steps forward, one step back; possibly even a zero sum gain when it comes to the process of shining a bright light on the many dark corners of the Bush administrations torture program” laments Olbermann.

The ACLU, which cares little if the release of the photos were to cause the deaths of any American soldiers so long as the U.S. could be publicly humiliated, has similarly declared: “The decision to not release the photographs makes a mockery of President Obama‘s promise of transparency and accountability. It is essential that these photographs be released so that the public can examine for itself the full scale and scope of prisoner abuse that was conducted in its name.”

Obama’s latest decision comes as a result of urging by the U.S. military, which warned the President that releasing the photos would be likely to upset the easily inflamed masses in the Muslim world (remember the deadly protests over the Danish cartoons caricaturing the Prophet Mohammed as a terrorist). Newly enlightened, Obama now says: “My belief is the publication of these photos would not add any additional benefits to our understanding of what was carried out in the past by a small number of individuals. The most direct consequence would be to further inflame anti-American opinion and put our troops in greater danger.”

So the President is now in a quandary: Olbermann feels betrayed, the ACLU has vowed to challenge Obama’s decision in court, and Obama himself is seeing that glib campaign rhetoric doesn’t always make for good policy in the real world.

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