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Not All Democrats are Invincible

Posted on May 13 2009 9:10 am
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Now that the Democratic Party, which creeps ever-further to the political left, holds a majority in both houses of Congress while recent public opinion polls seem to indicate that Congress’ approval ratings are up to about 39% after years of steady decline, it would appear that only a chance exposure to kryptonite will stop the Democrats from implementing President Barack Obama’s efforts to move the country towards Socialism.

And yet, the poll numbers also show that all is not well for certain high-profile Democrats. Nancy Pelosi, the megalomaniacal liar who serves as Speaker of the House, has seen her approval ratings sink to new lows, while her unfavorable rating has jumped from 34 percent to 43 percent since January. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is faring no better. His recent unfavorable rating is now at 46 percent (with only 33 percent viewing his performance in the Senate favorably).

The real loser however, is the scandal-ridden and corrupt U.S. senator Christopher Dodd (D-Connecticut). The five-term Democrat’s approval ratings are in freefall, and his home-state popularity has all but evaporated amid allegations that he received cut-rate mortgages from a leading offender in the subprime mortgage meltdown. Moreover, he had a hand in the AIG bonus fiasco by sneaking a provision into the stimulus bill last February exempting previously negotiated executive bonuses from the stimulus’ regulations. On top of this, he repeatedly lied about his involvement in either scandal.

As chairman of the powerful Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee, Dodd used his influence to enrich himself, his friends, his family and his contributors. In the AIG mess, for example, not only did he try to protect the bonuses for his executive friends within that corporation (AIG had at that point donated more money to Dodd than to any other American politician, and Dodd’s wife worked for a company affiliated with AIG), but when challenged, he initially lied about his involvement and went so far as to blame the Obama administration for his actions!

It appears, though, that the voters in Connecticut are finally waking up to their corrupt senator. Dodd trails his challengers from both parties and will likely pay for his arrogance by losing his re-election bid next year. Hopefully, Pelosi and Reid will follow him into the shadows.

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