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MoveOn Founder Creates Statist Mothers' Group

Posted on May 11 2009 2:25 am
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Mother’s Day is a good time to look at, yet another leftwing group demanding that your wallet be raided. This organization is brought to you by the same people who gave us, whose director, Eli Pariser, once said that the Democratic Party “[is] our party: we bought it, we own it, and we’re going to take it back”—a reference to the hundreds of millions of dollars MoveOn supporters had funneled to Democrat candidates.

MoveOn co-founder Joan Blades explained the rationale for in a 2006 article, “The Motherhood Manifesto,” in the The Nation magazine, a far-left periodical that generally supported the Communist bloc during the Cold War. is a three-year-old 501(c)4 lobbying group that uses vaguely pro-family sounding language to dress up its desire to foist more anti-family Big Government programs on the nation.

MomsRising sums up its issues using the acronym MOTHERS: M: Maternity/Paternity Leave; O: Open, Flexible Work; T: TV We Choose & Other After-School Programs; H: Healthcare for All Kids; E: Excellent Childcare; R: Realistic & Fair Wages; and S: Paid Sick Days for All.

The MomsRising website is generally careful not to explain how these programs would be put into effect or how much tax money would have to be raised to pay for them.

On the MomsRising blog, Amy Cross argues that mothers should abandon their parental duties to make a political statement within the household:

These days between May day and Mothers’ day, it seems the perfect moment to suggest a little something for moms from the labor movement–a strike.

That’s right, I want mothers everywhere to walk off the job, excepting single moms who are essential workers.

For at least 24 hours, or as long as you can hold out, I want everyone to stop making breakfast-lunch-and-dinner and loading the dishwasher. Stop matchmaking socks without soul-mates. Stop combing tangles and playing lego. […]

Cross’ call for a little bit of political theater at home might have been intended as a joke, but the various liberal and radical allies of MomsRising are no joke.

The “aligned organizations“ which MomsRising identifies on its website include: the AFL-CIO; ACORN (a group implicated in massive voter fraud); the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees; the Center for Science in the Public Interest; Families USA; the League of United Latin American Citizens (which favors open borders, racial preferences, and amnesty for illegal aliens);; the National Organization for Women (which views America as a nation rife with “racism, sexism and homophobia”); Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California (a chapter of the largest abortion mill in the United States); the Progressive States Network (activists who seek to pass leftwing legislation on the state level); and the Service Employees International Union (which gives millions of dollars to Democratic lawmakers and politicians who promote government expansion and higher taxes).

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