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Amnesty International to Obama: Move Faster on Jihadists

Posted on May 1 2009 12:54 pm
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President Obama, who has hit the ground running in his effort to remake America into a socialist utopia, has apparently been moving too slowly for the likes of the vocal blame-America-first group, Amnesty International, when it comes to the matter of freeing the terrorist detainees in Guantanamo Bay. In a recently published civil-rights report, Amnesty demands that the U.S. close down the detention center and release its prisoners immediately.

Complicating things for Amnesty is former President Bush’s policy stipulating that none of the jihadist detainees could be released into the U.S. mainland. Much to Amnesty’s chagrin, Obama has elected not to reverse that policy.

Attorney General Eric Holder, best known for helping to secure presidential pardons for 16 FALN terrorists in 1999, will soon be traveling to Europe to try to convince the Europeans to take the 240 terrorists who are still being held at Guantanamo. Aside from token agreements to accept a few detainees by countries like Lithuania and Portugal, there have been no takers for the vast bulk of the jihadists.

“From the perspective of the detainees, the change in administration has meant pretty much nothing,” said Rob Freer, one of the Amnesty report’s authors. “Some of them have been held for seven years and need their cases resolved quickly.”

“Guantanamo is the creation of the U.S.,” added Freer. “They [Americans] are going to need assistance, and other countries need to do what they can do to solve the situation, but it is ultimately the U.S. responsibility.”

Amnesty’s criticisms seem to have struck a raw nerve with the Obama administration. State Department spokesman Robert Wood says:

“I think it’s too early to start drawing conclusions about the administration’s policies on this subject. We’ve been very clear, however, that this administration is taking a different approach to dealing with these extremists.”

He explains that the case of each Guantanamo detainee is being reviewed and will be dealt with in a fair manner.

Perhaps awarding each of them a pension and a small farm in Kansas would make Amnesty happy?

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