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Soros-Backed Blog Calls Tea Parties 'Astroturf'

Posted on April 20 2009 12:45 am
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Perhaps the “action tank” run by Bill Clinton‘s White House chief of staff John Podesta should be a little more circumspect before throwing stones.

Think Progress, a Center for American Progress Action Fund blog, parrots House Speaker Nancy Pelosi‘s clumsy talking points on the recent tea party protests across the nation. Pelosi said the movement “is funded by the high end — we call call it astroturf, it’s not really a grassroots movement. It’s astroturf by some of the wealthiest people in America to keep the focus on tax cuts for the rich instead of for the great middle class.”

The Center for American Progress (CAP) has been beating the class-warfare drum and demonizing Wall Street and the capitalist system itself in order to promote President Obama‘s nakedly statist agenda.

Now it has joined the effort to delegitimize this legitimate popular uprising, which bears more than a passing resemblance to the same kind of uprising that forged this nation out of the fires of revolution.

CAP is funded by the same billionaire leftists who want to destroy the American system.

Let’s go over just a short list of the billionaire liberals who pay CAP’s bills by reviewing grant data I found in philanthropy databases.

Herb and Marion Sandler, whom Time magazine blames for the financial crisis, have given CAP $7,150,000 through the Sandler Family Supporting Foundation since 2004. George Soros, who spent around $24 million on left-wing 527 groups in 2004 to try to defeat President Bush, has given CAP $510,000 through the Open Society Institute since 2005. Rob Glaser of RealNetworks has given CAP $1,891,000 since 2003 through the Glaser Progress Foundation. Embattled New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine gave CAP $25,000 in 2003 through the Jon S. Corzine Foundation.

A charity of Wall Street’s poster child for Fascist corporatism, Goldman Sachs, funds CAP. The Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund has given CAP $105,000 since 2007.

The Sandlers, Soros, and Glaser are members of the Democracy Alliance, a billionaire leftists’ club that aims to turn America into a European-style socialist welfare state.

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