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Iran's Post-Overture Behavior Toward the U.S.

Posted on April 13 2009 12:35 pm
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You may recall that prior to ending his recent European trip by bowing submissively before the King of Saudi Arabia, President Obama made overtures to Iran by filming a groveling YouTube video. That production was received by Iranian authorities with neither enthusiasm, nor gratitude, nor expressions of respect. Hillary Clinton, meanwhile, made overtures of her own by fawning over Iranian representatives at a United Nations conference in the Netherlands. Her overtures, too, were quickly rebuffed. When she later exaggerated (to the press) the significance of the interaction she had had with those Iranian reps, Tehran concluded that the Secretary of State appeared to be a “hasty” and desperate adversary.


And what have those nice Iranian Ayatollahs been up to since Mrs. Clinton’s outreach? Not much, really. They have helped North Korea launch a missile in brazen defiance of U.S. protest; they appear to have tortured to death a 26-year-old blogger named Omid-Reza Mirsayafi—for “insulting the country’s religious leaders and propagating against the government”; and they have taken American journalist Roxana Saberi hostage and are threatening to put her on trial for espionage.


Saberi, incidentally, is being held in the same Evin Prison where Mirsayafi met his end. Renowned for the barbarous cruelty to which its inmates are frequently subjected, this is a place whose name alone makes native Iranians tremble.


The Obama administration must be wondering why the Iranians are acting this way. Didn’t they watch the President’s YouTube video?


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