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Pelosi Lauds Obama Plan to Gut U.S. Military

Posted on April 9 2009 2:30 pm
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Republican Senator James Inhofe is taking Barack Obama’s administration to task for the deep cuts it has proposed for the U.S. military budget. “President Obama is disarming America,” Inhofe said Monday from Afghanistan. “Never before has a president so ravaged the military at a time of war. Here in Afghanistan, our brave troops continue to fight while their President guts our military. Our sons and daughters are risking their lives fighting an enemy whose sole purpose is the destruction of our country and our way of life, while their President disarms America. And all this to support his welfare state.” (Click here for a video of Inhofe’s comments.)


Incensed by what he views as Inhofe’s impertinence, lefty commentator Keith Olbermann brought out the heavy guns on his MSNBC program last night—inviting the socialist-leaning Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, to respond to the senator’s remarks.


According to Pelosi, the Obama administration’s shrunken military budget “accurately reflects the mission of what the threats are to us.” “We’re no longer in a bi-polar world [i.e., a world dominated by the U.S. and Russia],” she explains, “and some of the [existing] weapons systems are geared towards that. Now they won’t be.”


Throughout her political career, Pelosi has defined her views on military matters strictly along party lines; i.e., she has invariably supported the initiatives of Democrat presidents and opposed those of Republicans. When Bill Clinton was commander-in-chief, for instance, Pelosi was practically a hawk on military and defense issues—supporting the administration’s military measures in Haiti, Kosovo, and Bosnia. By contrast, she opposed the Republican-led 1991 and 2003 wars in Iraq, as well as President Bush’s 2007 “troop surge” which ultimately turned the tide in the current war.


When Olbermann questioned Pelosi about the “hysterical, factually inaccurate umbrage” that Republicans were taking with regard to the looming budget cuts, Pelosi attributed their reaction to political “desperation.” Moreover, she blasted Senator Inhofe for having dared to criticize President Obama while on foreign soil (as noted earlier, Inhofe was in Afghanistan when he made his comments).


Again in stark contrast, Pelosi has reacted with hushed silence to President Obama’s disgraceful and repeated criticisms of America (and of former President Bush) while he (Obama) was on foreign soil in recent days. Like all political hacks who lack intellectual integrity, Nancy Pelosi sees only what she chooses to see.

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