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Joe Biden's Phony Rhetoric About Making America "More Secure"

Posted on April 8 2009 1:53 pm
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While crowds of admirers in Europe and the Islamic world are fawning over President Barack Obama on his “Disparage America Tour,” Vice President Joe Biden has publicly taken issue with his predecessor Dick Cheney’s assertion that the Obama administration’s national security policies are making the United States less safe. 

“I don’t think he [Cheney] is out of line, but he is dead wrong,” Biden said. “… The last administration left us in a weaker posture than we’ve been any time since World War II: less regarded in the world, stretched more thinly than we ever have been in the past, two wars under way, virtually no respect in entire parts of the world. And so we’ve been about the business of repairing and strengthening those. I guarantee you we are safer today, our interests are more secure today than they were any time during the eight years” of the Bush administration.

This is the same Joe Biden who opposed former President Ronald Reagan’s defense buildup, which ultimately led to the collapse of the Soviet Union; the same Joe Biden who subsequently voted against the MX missile, the B-l bomber and the Trident submarine; the same Joe Biden who opposed Reagan’s “continued adherence” to the goal of developing the Strategic Defense Initiative missile-defense system, calling it “one of the most reckless and irresponsible acts in the history of modern statecraft.”

Indeed, this is the same Joe Biden who, in 2007, voted against a bill to prohibit illegal aliens convicted of serious crimes from gaining legal status; the same Joe Biden who received an 8 percent rating from the U.S. Border Control because of his open-borders positions on immigration issues; and the same Joe Biden who received an “F” rating from the National Rifle Association for his consistent record of voting to limit the rights of gun owners and manufacturers.

The Joe Biden who laments that the Bush-Cheney administration made America less safe is now working hard to protect us by joining Barack Obama in closing the Guantanamo Bay detention center and relocating the 200-plus jihadists who are currently housed there; referring the recent North Korean missile launch to the impotent United Nations; announcing huge cuts in America’s defense budget—at a time when countries like China and Russia are increasing their defense budgets and publicly flexing their military muscle; and courting new allies such as the island Gulag of Communist Cuba, the terror-sponsoring government of Syria, and the terror-sponsoring mullahs and jihadists of Iran.

I’m not feeling any safer. Are you?

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