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Cuban and American Communists, Unite!

Posted on April 6 2009 6:56 pm
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Seven of the more radical members of the far-left Congressional Black Caucus, which functions as an arm of the Democratic Party, have arrived in Cuba with the goal of normalizing U.S. relations with the Communist régime of the Castro Brothers. In fact, in keeping with the Obama administration’s pattern of unilaterally extending a hand of friendship to terrorist states and despots (e.g., Iran, Syria, and the Taliban), the Caucus’ stated goal is to achieve normalization without precondition. As Caucus member Barbara Lee puts it, “Most of the members of our delegation believe we need to actually normalize relations and then the details of what that means would follow.” (Emphasis added)


Lee’s eagerness to associate with enemies of America is nothing new. She once served as an aide to the Black Panther leader and convicted killer Huey Newton, and she collaborated (against U.S. interests) with the Marxist dictatorship in Grenada in the 1980s.


Accompanied by other members of the Black Caucus—including such notables as Melvin Watt and the former Black Panther Bobby Rush—Lee boasts that the recent election of President Barack Obama ushered in “a new era in our foreign policy” that could bring a thaw to bilateral relations with Cuba’s Communist government.


Planning to stay in Cuba for six days, Lee and her fellow lawmakers hope to meet with President-for-life Raul Castro, brother of former President-for-life Fidel Castro, who recently stepped down due to illness (but still pulls many political strings behind the scenes). Then, most likely, they will return to the U.S. with a favorable report on Cuba’s potential as a diplomatic partner. And ultimately, they will craft legislation aimed at eliminating the sanctions and travel restrictions that have been in place for more than 47 years—thereby legitimizing the Castro/Castro government which has ruled the island with an iron fist since taking power in a 1959 coup.


“We really hope to begin some dialogue so that members of Congress can understand some of the issues that we have to address when we get back,” Ms. Lee said. “We want to engage in dialogue to see what the possibilities are in terms of normal relations between our two countries.


Just some dialog, Marxists-to-Marxists, as only they could understand.

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