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Obama Picks Another Despot to Befriend

Posted on April 3 2009 12:15 pm
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In the past few days, we have seen the Obama administration repeatedly extend a hand of friendship to sworn enemies of America. One by one, those foes have rebuffed each offer. Syria, Iran and the Taliban (in Afghanistan) have barely taken Obama seriously and have given his overtures a cold shoulder.


Undeterred, the administration has now determined that the time is right for another attempt at groveling, this time with Sudan. Our President has selected a retired Air Force general to be his special envoy to that nation, with which the forging of a better relationship has suddenly become a “priority for this administration, particularly at a time when it [Sudan] cries out for peace and for justice).”


And who is it, exactly, that we will be negotiating with?


Sudan’s President, Omar Bashir, has an International Criminal Court indictment against him for war crimes. Within the last month, he has expelled all international aid groups from Darfur, where people who are unsympathetic to his regime are currently being slaughtered. It is estimated that since 2003, more than 2 million people have been displaced and 300,000 lives have been lost. All this comes after an even bloodier conflict which pitted the Muslims of the North against the Christians and animists of the oil-rich South; that conflict began in the 1980s and only recently ended in a fragile peace.


In addition, Bashir’s government has been hostile to its neighbors (specifically Chad) and has supported the bloodthirsty terrorists of al-Qaeda in word, if not in deed. And let’s not forget that Osama bin Laden himself lived in Sudan for many years and based his terrorist operations there.


And yet, the Obama administration remains undeterred. Once again it will seek to negotiate with a ruthless leader of a terror-supporting backwater Islamic state, expecting the latter to negotiate in good faith.


If Obama is looking for another foreign policy initiative to fail, he will find it in Sudan. Fear not, however. This administration is persistent. In a few days North Korea’s supreme leader, Kim Jung Il, will test-fire a rocket capable of reaching Alaska. This might be a nice time for our President to dispatch an envoy to Pyongyang.


This post was written by Claude Cartaginese.

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