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Terror-Sponsoring Regimes Snub Obama / Clinton Overtures

Posted on April 2 2009 4:11 pm
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Hillary Clinton’s delusional campaign to forge closer relationships with such parties as the terror-sponsoring Iranian regime and Afghanistan’s al Qaeda-aligned Taliban is off to a humiliating start.


In Afghanistan, for example, the Obama administration is pursuing “honorable reconciliation” with “moderate” Taliban elements. But Taliban forces, which have been fighting since 2001 to re-impose their extremist version of Islam upon their country, have candidly called this a “lunatic idea.” In fact, they have displayed considerable irritation at the offer. Taliban spokesman Zabihulla Mujahid sardonically advises Mrs. Clinton to seek out her so-called “moderates” elsewhere “and speak to them” — because he certainly doesn’t count himself (or any of his comrades) among them.


But of course, Mujahid has sent Mrs. Clinton on a fool’s errand, knowing full well that the existence of a moderate Taliban is a myth. One would think that a Secretary of State would understand that “moderation” cannot be found among seventh-century throwbacks who advocate a legal system (Sharia) that calls for the degradation of women, the execution of homosexuals and apostates, and the brutal oppression of “infidels.”


According to Clinton, however, the Taliban “should be offered an honorable form of reconciliation and reintegration into a peaceful society, if they are willing to abandon violence, break with al Qaeda, and support the constitution.” Perhaps Hillary will ask further that they agree to sell Girl-Scout cookies as well.


Over in Iran, meanwhile, early news reports that Mrs. Clinton would hold “cordial face-to-face” talks with Iranian representatives at an international conference in the Netherlands were discredited almost immediately by the Iranian regime, when it said that no such “talks” would take place. Poor Hillary. She was most eager to build on the groveling YouTube video that President Obama recently directed to the Iranian people. Tehran, predictably, interpreted that eagerness as a sign of weakness by a “hasty” and desperate adversary.


This is becoming the modus operandi of the current administration: Make overtures to those who despise you, offer them everything, ask for nothing in return, and beg them for better relations.


The Iranians and the Taliban know with absolute certainty that in the long-term, Obama will have no stomach for a prolonged conflict, especially one that’s not resolved before the next election. They are entirely comfortable with their anti-Americanism. (For their part, the Iranians have made anti-Americanism the focus of weekly mass rallies for the last 30 years.) They have nothing to gain by warming up to U.S. overtures. They know that all they need to do is wait, and the Obama administration will eventually meet all of their demands unilaterally.


This post was written by Claude Cartaginese.

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