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Maxine Waters Lauds Obama’s Unprecedented Deficits

Posted on April 2 2009 2:24 pm
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Rep. Maxine Waters, who in the past has praised the Marxist dictator Fidel Castro of Cuba, is now heaping scorn on the budget proposal which Republicans have put forth to counter the potentially bankrupting budget unveiled recently by the Obama administration. In a televised interview with Keith Olbermann last evening, Waters called the alternate Republican plan “absolutely shameful.”


As it stands, the Republican budget plan advocates fiscal restraint for the purpose of reining in our national debt and preserving the American legacy of leaving the next generation better off than its predecessor.


Many people would find such goals laudable, not shameful.


Waters then blasted former President Bush for having turned the budget surplus he had inherited into a huge deficit by “spending like a drunken sailor.”


Conveniently, Waters omitted any mention of 9/11, the overthrow of the Taliban, the beefing up of American national security, and a host of other pressing issues that demanded federal funding. Nor did she mention that the Bush deficits were dwarfed by the projected multi-trillion-dollar shortfalls with which the Obama plan will saddle not only present-day taxpayers, but also generations of Americans to come. This, Waters does not find “shameful.”


Waters further complained that the Republicans have put forth their plan “without numbers.” But very recently, Waters herself blindly endorsed President Obama’s thousand-plus-page budget which neither she nor any other member of Congress had read before hastily signing off on it. Yet now she is bothered about “numbers.” The only numbers that don’t trouble her are the unprecedented Obama deficits, which, in Waters’ view, constitute the “blueprint” for an economic recovery that the new President will engineer.


Remarkably, this was no April Fool’s joke on the part of Rep. Waters. She actually believes it. Now that’s shameful. 


This post was written by Claude Cartaginese.

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