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Journalist Accuses Bush and Cheney of Sabotaging Obama

Posted on April 1 2009 3:35 pm
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This post was written by Claude Cartaginese.

Seymour Hersh, the New Yorker’s investigative journalist who was dubbed “my little commie” by his former boss (New York Times Executive Editor A.M. Rosenthal), is seeing monsters under the bed. Known for basing much of his reportage on unnamed sources, Hersh has now begun reporting on the existence of “stay-behinds” from the most recent presidential administration—unnamed individuals who were allegedly “planted” by former Vice President Dick Cheney to sabotage the noble foreign-policy initiatives of Barack Obama. Hersh revealed the details of this purported scheme in a TV interview yesterday with the truth-distorting Keith Olbermann of MSNBC.


In short, Hersh wants us to believe that the Bush-Cheney administration—which for eight years he (and his fellow leftist luminaries in the media) portrayed as hopelessly myopic and incompetent—somehow transmogrified into an efficient agent provocateur that was forward-thinking enough to plant these “stay-behinds” who, like members of an al-Qaeda sleeper cell, would activate at some future date in order to derail the Obama administration’s efforts to bring stability to the Middle East.


Could Hersh be specific about how he had learned of this nefarious scheme? Absolutely not; he merely informed the credulous Olbermann that “I’ve been told.”


Calling himself a “one-man gang against Cheney,” Hersh explained to Olbermann that the seeds of this time-release sabotage were planted specifically by Cheney prior to Obama’s inauguration. The effects of the sabotage, he elaborated, were first felt in January, when the new President was trying to persuade the Israelis to stop their bombing of Gaza and to withdraw their ground troops. According to Hersh, Cheney’s mysterious “stay-behinds” were advising the Israelis not to trust Obama because he was “pro-Palestinian” and “not ready for the major leagues.”


Hersh also praised the Obama administration for speaking “a different language” than the Bush team had spoken to Mideast political leaders in the past. For example, Hersh lauded Obama’s rhetoric of “mutual respect”—but expressed concern that the Cheney “stay-behinds” might undermine Obama’s recent diplomatic outreach to the terrorism-supporting regimes in Tehran and Damascus.


Moreover, Hersh praised Obama for having broken with the Bush policy of refusing to negotiate with Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad unless he would first agree to shut down the Damascus offices of the genocidal terror group Hamas. Hersh endorsed Obama’s “much more subtle, much more sensible” policy of imploring Syria to try to “moderate” Hamas and to make the terror group more “conciliatory.” He did not mention that Hamas’ founding charter explicitly calls for the mass murder of Jews and the permanent destruction of Israel as non-negotiable objectives.


So there you have it: In Hersh’s view, if Obama’s foreign-policy initiatives fail, it will not be because of the administration’s reluctance to take a tough stand against committed terrorists and mass-murderers. Rather, it will be because of behind-the-scenes treachery by the Bush-Cheney “stay-behinds.”


Hersh’s delusion illustrates clearly why the Left cannot be trusted with foreign policy.


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