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Ward Churchill, the Plagiarist, Wants to Get His Job Back

Posted on March 24 2009 6:08 pm
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Former University of Colorado professor
Ward Churchill, who in 2007 was fired because he had engaged in plagiarism, testified yesterday before a Denver court that is adjudicating his effort to be reinstated at the university. Churchill, who created a firestorm of controversy a few years ago when he wrote an essay deriding the 9/11 victims in New York as “the little Eichmanns inhabiting the sterile sanctuary of the twin towers,” reiterated yesterday that the bin Laden-orchestrated attacks were “perfectly predictable.” His only surprise, he elaborated, was that “it took so long” for them to happen.


Also during yesterday’s testimony, Churchill’s attorney David Lane questioned his client extensively about his incendiary 9/11 essay. Churchill responded by quoting such phrases as “chickens coming home to roost”; “as you sow, so shall you reap”; and “what goes around comes around.” He explained that his essay was not an endorsement or a justification of terrorism, but rather an effort to educate Americans about how the “other side” perceived them.


Churchill’s comments are grounded in a worldview which sees the United States as a force of unparalleled evil, and which consequently interprets all foreign hatreds and acts of terrorism against America as logical acts of retribution rather than as acts of unprovoked aggression. While remaining silent about fundamentalist Islam’s long history of jihad, intolerance, and brutal conquest, Churchill’s writings are replete with condemnations of the Great Satan, America.


In short, Churchill has not altered at all his view that “it may be that more 9/11s are necessary” to make Americans aware of their nation’s many evils, or his wish to see the U.S. wiped entirely “off the planet” and “out of existence altogether.”

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