“A More Perfect” Liar

Posted on March 11 2009 11:26 pm
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Today, President Obama signed the $410 billion spending package passed yesterday by Congress, despite its flaws; namely 8,570 disclosed earmarks worth $7.7 billion of taxpayers’ money. “I am signing an imperfect omnibus bill,” Obama said, “because it’s necessary for the ongoing functions of government.” These “ongoing functions,” as he describes them, include $951,500 for sustainability programs in Las Vegas cosponsored by Harry Reid, and $381,000 for Jazz music programs at Lincoln Center sponsored by the socialist-leaning congressman Jerrold Nadler.

Flashback to September 26th, 2008, when Obama declared: “We need earmark reform, and when I’m President, I will go line by line to make sure that we are not spending money unwisely.”

Surprised? Why should we be? President Obama has made a political career of saying one thing, and then turning around and doing the exact opposite. Starting in 2004, following his election win as an Illinois U.S. senator, Obama adamantly ruled out running on a national ticket in 2008 due to his lack of experience. Just over two years later, Obama officially announced his candidacy for U.S. President in the 2008 election cycle. Really, who needs experience when you have celeb antiwar and environmental activist George Clooney stroking your ego via Blackberry?

During his campaign, Obama continued his trail of deceit. For example, during his acceptance speech at the Democratic convention in 2008, Obama noted how he’ll “pay for every dime” of his budget “by closing corporate loopholes and tax havens.” As it stands now, the federal deficit reached $765 billion in the first five months of the budget year, a far cry from paying for every dime. And speaking of dimes, recall how, early in his presidential campaign, Obama said he would abide by the $85 million publically-funded spending limit, only to back out during the general elections so he could amass his $600 million campaign fortune and buy prime-time, half hour TV spots just prior to the November 4th vote.

Boldface lying must be a skill that many Americans view as a plus for an elected official, as Obama’s job approval ratings hover around 61 percent. According to far-left House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (who is a member of the socialist-leaning Progressive Caucus), a new multi-billion dollar stimulus bill is looming on the horizon. Should Obama want to see his approval ratings climb even higher, perhaps he need only to say: “there’s no way I’d sign another stimulus bill” – just before putting pen to paper and signing it.

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