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Obama's Bungled Foreign Policy

Posted on March 10 2009 5:08 pm
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This post was written by Claude Cartaginese.

Barack Obama’s foreign policy initiatives are off to a bad start. For example, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s recent visit with our President was marred when Obama, in the traditional gift exchange, gave Brown an armload of cheap DVDs while the Prime Minister, for his part, gave Obama gifts of true historical significance. Next, Obama dispatched a delegation to make nice with the pro-Hamas, pro-Hezbollah, pro-al Qaeda Syrians. And now, the Obama administration has turned its attention to making overtures to the Taliban.

Yes, Obama is looking to negotiate with Taliban “moderates” (assuming he can find any). The Taliban themselves admit that this may be difficult, and a spokesman told the English newspaper The Guardian that “They will not be able to find such people because we are united around the aim of fighting for freedom and bringing an Islamic system to Afghanistan.”

Naturally, Obama’s friends over at the Center for International Policy (CIP)—which is co-chaired by Senator Tom Harkin and Rep. Don Fraser, whose sympathies for Marxist causes are no secret—are enthusiastic about this idea and want Obama to go even further and start sending friendly signals to everybody from Hugo Chavez to Raul Castro (brother of the longtime Cuban dictator Fidel Castro). The CIP’s Wayne Smith—a notorious State Department shill for Castro—advises that “with the stroke of a pen” Obama could remove all travel and trade restrictions and thereby normalize relations with Cuba.

What must the leaders of Iran and North Korea be thinking? Perhaps if they play their cards right, they too, like the Syrians and the Taliban, can have their past antics overlooked in the name of “normalization” of relations.

Stay tuned for more foreign policy based on historical fiction.

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